About Me

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I am interested in learning about the intersection of business and technology. While I am working to Iearn what is necessary to become a Full Stack Engineer, I spend free time building side businesses. Having tried and tested an array of technical projects, I have learned first hand how difficult it is to build real value. While creating anything can be tough, nothing beats the feeling of seeing your work create impact. As I progress through life, I become increasingly excited by the possibilities around me.

I used to argue the value of going to college, stating that I could just learn from experience. Now I can confidently say that a traditional education was well worth it and has transformed how I see the world. Throughout school I have found that I work best in small groups. The process of teaching and being taught is what keeps me engaged and focused. Additionally, I am happier in management roles, and wish to position myself accordingly. My dream job will allow me to become a better person and continue learning.


While wrapping up my last year at Ohio State University, I spent part of the last six months building React web applications and simple Rust smart contracts. The majority of the projects I take on are through freelancing my web development and product management skills. I have also begun playing more chess. Feel free to challenge me!


  • At 4, I began cross country skiing for the Hilltoppers. My parents insisted that to snowboard I learn to ski nordic and alpine first.
  • At 5, I was playing a variety of sports, including tennis, baseball, and soccer. This ignited my competitive spirit.
  • At 6, I was given a Gameboy Advanced and my friend and I spent massive amounts of time on playing and trading Pokemon Ruby. My crowning moment was catching a Deoxys. Those Masterballs came in handy.
  • At 7, I joined the Cub Scouts continuing through Webelos. I thought spending time in the woods with my family and friends sounded like fun. The enjoyment I found from scouts sparked my love for the great outdoors.
  • From 10-12, I played a ton of video games on Xbox 360. My favorites were Halo Reach and Battlefield 3.
  • At 13, I competed at the International Children’s Games in UFA Russia for cross country skiing. I loved exploring a whole new culture. I didn’t love getting frostbite on my ear after a race.
  • At 13, I built my first desktop computer to kickstart my gaming youtube channel. Although it is cringe so you will have to ask for the channel name in person.
  • At 14, I shadowed at NASA glenn research center with a variety of engineers. I especially enjoyed the wind tunnel and their awesome food truck.
  • At 15, I began to learn how to program in Java completing the intro to computer science class over the summer.
  • At 16, I took AP computer science with one of my all time favorite teachers. Pie Friday was awesome! I also built my first IOS application.
  • At 17, I continued with AP computer science principles and built my first mobile game. It was called Trippy Climb and it used Spritekit. I also attempted to build my first clothing brand with friends.
  • At 17, I interned with a Ph D student at Kent State. We were building a Naive Bayes algorithm to predict social impact of tweets.
  • At 18, I worked with a startup called Proper Access that worked to improve fiber optic wifi. I ended up helping with systems at Chick Fil A and a huge event called Startup Scaleup.
  • At 18, I built my own clothing brand called Classz. I learned how to outsource manufacturing and how to use digital marketing.
  • At 19, I did business to business sales for a digital marketing agency. I also transferred from Ohio University to Ohio State University.
  • At 20, I re-designed the website for my father’s dental practice: https://www.fairmountcircledentistry.com/
  • At 21, I delivered groceries to high risk individuals during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • At 21, I built a prototype of a system to help retirement communities order groceries safely.


  • Machine Learning
  • Quantum
  • Blockchain
  • Hackathons
  • Running and Hiking
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Space Exploration
  • Business


  • I have jumped out of a plane twice. Luckily, I had a parachute.
  • I drove to New York with little planning to get on a radio show with my clothing brand. It didn’t work out.
  • I ran cross country and track all throughout high school. This is where I met many of my best friends.