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Chronic Escape

High School is when I began to program and make my first mobile applications for IOS. All of the mobile apps that I made were games. I started simple with basic view controllers after that I started using Spritekit. My second semester of freshman year I decided to make my most complicated game yet. I decided to take my previous 2D infinite vertical scroller Trippy Climb and completely revamp it. I added parallaxing backgrounds that randomly spawned. As well as creating a more natural feel by scaling the game size correctly for different size screens. Moreover I added in app purchases for coins that could also be collected in game, and spent on unlockables. Finally I also added in game controls in the y-direction and particle effects. All of this made for the largest solo project I had worked on, with 2000+ lines of code if you count api’s.

The first step in building a worthwhile application is to define the minimum viable product. To do so we decided to build a prototype with the most important features. Then conduct a research report around what the patients would benefit from the most. We want to integrate with the hospitals so it is important to make sure that doctors approve of application features as well. Due to iPad accessibility for the study, I decided to build the MVP native to IOS. I built a basic swift application that would generate custom weekly workout routines. The two parameters were cancer type and treatment type. Having completed the application, we are currently working to create workout videos. Once the videos are up and running we will be ready to conduct our research.